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    What Does Scripture Say?
    A Biblical Index to Help Explain the Catholic Faith

    Tom Balboa, M.A. Ed.
    Joseph S.C. Bonadiman, PhD., P.E.

    This booklet is intended to help a Catholic explain the tenets of the Catholic Faith from the Bible, and
    to be a better evangelizer. This booklet is a great tool for any Catholic seeking to grow in their faith or to
    defend it confidently. Catholic faith and practice is found throughout the bible, this booklet offers easy
    and fast references to the scripture text supporting Catholic doctrine. Softcover, 102 pages.

    ... "Your analysis is clear and doctinally sound. I strongly recommend that you make it
    (What Does Scripture Say) as widely available as possible. Although it is short in
    content, it is clear and authentically Catholic. Again I strongly recommend that you make
    this booklet as broadly distributed as possible. Be assured of my special prayers for you
    and your associates."

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