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    The Green Scapular Pamphlets
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    The Cloth of Conversion---The Green Scapular
    Is your heart heavy because you see a loved one living a Godless life? Our Blessed Mother gave us
    one means of converting a loved one when she appeared to Sister Justine Bisqueyburu in 1840
    carrying the cloth of conversion---the Green Scapular.

    She said, 'This holy badge of my Immaculate Heart is to be the means of conversion
    of souls...' Over a six year period our Lady appeared many times to Sister Justine
    and answered her many questions concerning the scapular and its usage.

    The Green Scapular Pamphlet is a great resource of information on the origin, history and many
    stories of the Green Scapular. The Green Scapular is truly a remarkable piece of cloth given to the
    world by Our Lady on September 8, 1840, in Paris, France.
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