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    Pray The Rosary Daily
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    Pray The Rosary Daily  (Package of 5 - Limit 1)

    The Rosary (from Latin rosarium, "rose garden") is a religious exercise where a defined number of
    prayers are recited and a string of beads (a chaplet, often called a rosary) is used to keep count.

    Eastern Christian monks started the Christian practice in the third century. The modern Roman
    Catholic rosary's origin is most often associated with St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order in
    the early 13th century. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, "it reached its definitive form in the
    15th century through the preaching of the Dominican Alan de la Roche and his associates, who
    organized Rosary Confraternities at Douai in France and at Cologne. In 1520 Pope Leo X gave the
    rosary official approbation." In October of 2002 Pope John Paul II added an optional group of mysteries
    (Luminous Mysteries) to the Rosary (see Rosarium Virginis Mariae).

    This pamphlet "Pray The Rosary Daily" contains instructions for praying the rosary, including
    the new Luminous Mysteries, as well as brief reflections on the rosary by Pope John Paul II.
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