A Message From Our Founder

    Dear Fellow Evangelists,

    Not since the time of the early Christian martyrs has our faith in God and devotion to His One True
    Teaching Church been so gravely tested as they are today. Everywhere we look, our Faith, our families
    and our very lives are being challenged by the forces of disbelief, disrespect, and disunity even inside
    the Church. With so much at stake for our families, our nation, and our faith we cannot remain
    uninvolved spectators watching our society and the world collapse ever deeper into violence and sin.
    We need to hear the truths of what the Catholic Church teaches now more than ever before. That,
    precisely, is what the CSOE is all about. Our spiritual directors, clergy advisors, associate advisors,
    and officers are totally committed to bringing to all an orthodox awareness of the Catholic Church --
    sharing what She teaches, believes, and advocates. The Society's materials and assistance will help
    you in your mission to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Catholic Church
    and it will help you to live and share with others the priceless gift that we possess. As a member of
    CSOE you are joined with thousands of committed, believing Catholics who love the Faith and are
    standing up to be counted as faithful sons and daughters. Do not let Satan put a chink in your armor.
    Be bold. Love our Holy Faith with all your mind, body, and heart. Be on guard to protect the Church
    against all her enemies, both internal and external.


    "One person changed by your efforts may in turn affect the lives of generations to come."

    Your brother in Christ,

    In Loving Memory of
    Tom Balboa, Founder 1930-2008
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