Our Mission

    Living and Sharing the Fullness of Faith...

    Who We Are

    The world is in urgent need of discovering Jesus Christ and in being one with His Church.  It is within
    Christ’s Catholic Church (the pillar and foundation of truth) that the person comes to the fullness of his
    or her relationship with Jesus. You can be a powerful instrument in communicating this life
    transforming message.

    Our Mission

    The Catholic Society of Evangelists was formed to make available (at cost) Catholic materials that are
    orthodox, easy to read and informative. Our mission is to provide members with the basic tools and
    assistance necessary to succeed in communicating the truths of the Catholic faith. With these tools,
    we can help active Catholics grow in their faith, bring former Catholics back “home” and give solid
    information to searching non-Catholics. Together, we are able to purchase these tools in large
    quantities, at a discount, making evangelization affordable for all our members.

    Our Pledge

    We have pledged our uncompromising loyalty and fidelity to the Catholic Church and to its only
    authentic teaching authority - the successor of Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, and to those
    Bishops who are loyal and in union with him. Anyone willing to take the same pledge of loyalty is
    invited to become a member and receive our support.

    Our Prayer

    We pray that through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit that all Catholics learn more about
    their faith and in turn use that knowledge to make evangelization a natural and active part of their life.
    Remember... “One person changed by your efforts may in turn affect the lives of generations to come”.

    "Perform the work of an evangelist" - 2 Tim 4:5

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Catholic Speakers:
  • Dr. Scott Hahn
  • Dr. Franklin J. Dailey
  • Clayton Bower Jr.
  • Marcus Grodi
  • Steve Ray
  • Fr. Norbert Wood
  • Fr. Tom Forrest
  • Louis Kaczmarek
  • Betty Brenan