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    The Seven Capital Sins
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    Everyone, unfortunately, will probably see himself described somewhere in the pages of this booklet,
    since all human sins  are traceable to the following seven roots: Pride, Covetousness (Avarice), Lust,
    Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth. The Seven Capital Sins explains the true nature, degrees, acts and
    connecting links among these seven vices - which are also our seven principal sinful inclinations. It
    exposes their various forms and the many disguises they assume. For example, the book states that
    "Everyone is infected with the vice of pride" - and it points out 15 different forms that pride can take,
    depending upon the particular temperament of the sinner.

    But The Seven Capital Sins also gives the remedies and safeguards against these sins. Plus, it
    includes special prayers for help in overcoming them. Overall, it is an extremely powerful tool in
    enabling us to understand the essence of our seven main human weaknesses and how we can wage
    successful warefare against them. It is an extremely enlightening and important book, for it maps out
    the struggle that we should all be engaged in for the rest of our lives - the battle that is necessary for
    each of us to wage if we are going to serve God and save our souls - without allowing ourselves to be
    deceived by the subtleties of the Seven Capital Sins.

    Imprimatur: John Cody, S.T.D.,
    Bishop of Kansas City - St. Joseph, July 16, 1959.
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