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    Catholics and Mary, Catholics and the Rosary
    Franklin J. Dailey, M.D.

    Among the various characteristics which prove the Catholic Church to be the one, true Church of Christ
    (the fours marks of the Church — one, holy, catholic, apostolic), there is also a particular characteristic
    which is manifestly based on Holy Scripture and which is unique to Catholicism — the honor and
    devotion of the Catholic Church to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

    This honor and devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, is one of the many things rejected by
    Protestants. Protestants claim that the Catholic Church’s devotion to Mary is not based on Sacred
    Scripture, that it is an offense to Christ, that no one should pray to Mary because “there is only one
    Mediator with the Father,” that Mary did not always remain a virgin, etc. How important it is for Catholics
    to know Sacred Scripture and to respond to these attacks on the Mother of Jesus Christ, especially in
    these times, when there has been such a surge of non-Catholic sects who zealously proselytize their
    heretical teachings.

    In this booklet you will receive answers to the most common objections against Catholics, the Rosary
    and Mary.
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